Navops Command brings sophisticated scheduling and advanced, enterprise-proven policy management to Kubernetes container orchestration.

Navops Command Dramatically Increases Utilization of Kubernetes Resources

Virtual multi-tenancy

Share clusters across teams and applications

Mixed Workloads

Run containerized and non-containerized workloads on shared resources

Manage Scarcity

Prioritize workloads to ensure access to needed resources and to meet SLAs

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Take full advantage of Kubernetes and run containers at scale with proven automated workload placement and policy management solutions that plug into any Kubernetes distribution. Deploy Navops Command to maximize shared resources and manage service applications.

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advanced scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

  • Superior scheduling algorithms
  • Enterprise-proven policy management
  • Integrates with any Kubernetes distribution


  • Robust ACL support
  • Automatically reserve resources
  • Fairly split access
best fit

Best Fit

  • Optimal utilization of important resources
  • Balance IO usage, memory, and CPU
  • Spread workload to least loaded machines


  • Set independent quotas per user or organizational unit
  • Scale up or down interdependent services
resource sharing

Resource Sharing

  • Automatically arbitrate resource allocation
  • Run background work only when crucial applications are not in use
workload preemption

Workload Preemption

  • Automatically reclaim resources for prioritized work
  • Achieve business priorities


(Navops Command is free to up to 5 worker nodes)